Boxing: the reasons for taking up the sport

Boxing is one of the most popular and well-known combat sports. Here's what you'll need to know. If you want to learn more about boxing, look into the reasons for taking up the sport.

What exactly is boxing?

First and foremost, let us go back to the beginnings of boxing, which is a combat sport with very ancient origins.

The history of boxing

It began as a form of self-defense and has been used since the times of ancient Greece and Rome. The fight between two athletes (boxers) takes place in the ring in this sport. The boxers hit each other with closed fists shielded by gloves as they confront each other.

How to compete?

The goal is to wear down and weaken the opponent. For the elite and professional categories, a boxing match consists of several rounds lasting one to two to three minutes each. Between rounds, boxers are given a one-minute break during which their coaches assist them with advice on how to continue the fight.

The boxers take a guard position during the fight, with one arm forward and the other in defense of the face. Only the front and sides of the trunk, from the belt to the forehead, are targets for strikes. Strikes with the wrist, palm, or edge of the hand, forearm, elbow, and against the kidneys, shoulders, or neck are all strictly prohibited. Hits inflicted with the head and those made after swirling with the body are prohibited. 

Boxers are unable to push themselves, hold back, fight hand-to-hand or head down, imitate receiving prohibited blows, or use a passive defense. If there are any fouls or forbidden blows, the referee stops the match and warns the offending boxer. If the boxer recurs, the referee issues an official warning that determines the final score.

Boxing: the technique

Strength, intelligence, power, endurance, courage, and speed are all characteristics of a boxer. A stable and comfortable stance allows for delivering effective punches while avoiding the opponent's blows during a fight. 

There are 4 basic hits for the attack, including:

  • direct: performed by moving forward with the hand in front of the guard or rotating the entire body in the direction of the fist;
  • hook: distinguished by a curved trajectory in which the back of the hand is positioned upwards (as you move from the outside to the inside). The shoulder should be used as a lever. It must be performed at a close range from the opponent to be effective;
  • uppercut: a bottom-to-top strike with the arm bent at a right angle. It's done by rotating the shoulder to put more power into the fist.
  • waving: a shot fired with the arm extended and a broad trajectory from the outside to the inside

The benefits of practicing boxing

Combat sports, without a doubt, are the ones that shape you the most mentally and physically. You have a lot of responsibilities when you step into the ring and realize you can only rely on yourself. You also bring this outlook into your daily life. You realize you'll have to rely solely on your abilities. Sport is frequently used as a metaphor for life. Boxing is a sport that teaches you how to think rationally.

It can boost your self-esteem if you're shy and a little afraid. You are taught in the gym to only use your hands in the ring and life if you are being attacked; otherwise, you must always avoid it. You will have more self-confidence if you are aware that you can defend yourself. 

Boxing against bullying

This sport will remind you that violence against the weak is unfair if you're a little annoyed or the bully of the group. As a consequence, you start thinking more clearly. 

Boxing is a sport that fosters character development. It is about respect for the rules and the opposing player in sports. When you put them in a civic context, they become nothing more than respect for the law, the environment, and people in general. 

How vital is motivation in addition to preparation?

The challenge awakens unseen forces in us that we didn't realize we possessed, prompting us to perform extraordinary feats. Put it into practice with the utmost seriousness! All sports are risky, but boxing takes it to a new level. It's possible to get hurt. Even at a competitive level, track and field can cause a muscle to stretch or tear. 

When you are hit in the ring, you put your life in jeopardy. The thing is even a punch can compromise your physical integrity. Overall, sport and culture can bring about a greater openness of vision on life.

How can boxing's values be applied to everyday life and professional endeavors?

In life and the job role, motivations and challenges that you set for yourself day after day to achieve a goal produce results, just as they do in sports. Everyone faces moments of crisis in which they may fall to the ground, but we must be resilient, and it is our responsibility to get back up after a fall.

The most important thing is to concentrate on your goals. To get great results, you must put in a lot of effort and develop a strategy to be on the right track.

You should get a master who will teach you how to box, show you the figures, and make you throw punches at the bag. Plus, it's pointless if the boxer can't relate to and compare himself to a real-life opponent. It is the experience that distinguishes one from another.

The one who succeeds in putting the technique into practice in the best way wins, not the one who realizes the best one.

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