Tyson Fury makes an unexpected remark about his next opponent 

Tyson Fury makes an unexpected declaration regarding his next opponent.

What does the "Gypsy King" have to say about winning heavyweight crowns with Oleksandr Usyk?

Does Anthony Joshua get in the way of a fight between Fury and Usyk?

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Fury's agent, Bob Arum, recently acknowledged that his client intended to fight Usyk next. However, Anthony Joshua, the 32-year-old former king, became the competition's biggest obstacle when he exercised a rematch clause with the Ukrainian star.

Fury also wants Joshua to quit so that he may unify the title with "Olek Cat" as soon as possible, following which the winner will face AJ. However, the Watford-born boxer disagrees, as he is determined to avenge Usyk for his defeat in London in September.

Fury waiting for his opponent?

Currently, Fury must wait for a challenger to be arranged by the WBC organization. It will most likely be Dillian Whyte when this boxer has handled his legal difficulties with the aforementioned company.

Fury's surprising statement about his current perspective

Yet, the undefeated man in Manchester just had a surprising partnership with Sky Sports. Fury stated specifically on the program BOXXER Fight Night:

"I'm just chilling, enjoying life, taking one day at a time, and enjoying myself. I'm not really interested, because to be honest, it doesn't really make much sense who I want to fight at this moment. It's who's available and what makes sense later on."

Why did Fury hold that thought?

In reality, Fury has every right to state like that. After two lifetime victories over Wladimir Klitschko (2015) and Deontay Wilder (2016), the "Gypsy King" has claimed all of the top honors in this weight class (2020). The 33-year-old star's sole ambition at the moment is to become the undisputed champion of the ring above 90 kg.

How did others react to Fury’s statement?

The other boxers, on the other hand, had little sympathy for Fury. Whyte remarked earlier this week:

"He [Fury] will try to fight Usyk because Usyk is a much easier fight for him.

Fury has been mandated to fight me twice. He asked for the WBC 'Diamond' belt to fight me but ran away when they agreed. He just keeps making excuses.

"Hopefully now he's got no choice. What's he going to do? Throw the belt in the bin and run away from more money than he got to fight (Deontay) Wilder? He said he was going to fight me after he beat Wilder, then he ran away. Let's see what he does."

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